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Integration into the European Labor Market
CZ/09/LLP – LdV/PLM/134170

The project "Integration into the Labour Market" is scheduled to be two years long. This project is focused on a group of unemployed adults and young people with no or minimal work experience and should help them to improve their employability and competitive advantage on both the Czech and European labor market. ITC plays the role of the coordinating organization in this process, which will send, after substantial language and cultural training and preparation, 28 participants to our partner organization for the duration of 5 weeks. ITC cooperates on this project with 6 other partner organizations within these countries: Great Britain, Portugal, Spain and Italy. All our partner institutions have many years experience with European projects and are able to provide good work placement with monitoring to our applicants in the following fields: Mechanical Engineering, Construction and Architecture, Logistics and Transportation, Ecology and Environment and Ecological Agriculture, IT. These internships will take place in the period from September 2009 to April 2011.

The goals of the project are: to improve the integration of Czech citizens into the European Labor market, to gain valuable work experience for our applicants, to improve their language skills therefore improving their chances of finding job, to gain a valuable working immigration experience within Euro zone and to become familiar not only with the conditions of different labor markets but also getting to know different cultural backgrounds found across the European Union. The participants will continue to be monitored some time after the end of the project in order to obtain necessary feedback, verification and evaluation of the project's success. ITC will publish the project results in the media and will also communicate t with Eures bureaus, other employment bureaus and other authorities to offer our data and results to help to set up a reference database for future projects.

During the project we regularly communicated with the Prague employment office. Unemployed people that were interested to learn and were also able to communicate at least on a basic level in one foreign language were offered the chance to participate on a work internship abroad and squire valuable work experience there. It is important for the dissemination that people had the chance to learn more about the short term internship and the advantages it offers them which also includes confirmation about their participation into Europass. We also informed recent university graduates about this project through leaflets and through university departments for graduates, since this project is for people actively seeking employment, excluding university students. Several selected high schools were also informed about the project, giving the chance to participate also to a recent high school graduates. This way they can experience work in their chosen field which should help them decide between working and continuing with their education on a university level.

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