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Erasmus+ Course

Course Overview

A UDL Approach to Holistic Learning course is an interactive, hands-on guide designed to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your  educational processes, specifically crafted for every classroom, irrespective of the setting.

By integrating the principles of Universal Design for Learning, this course emboldens you to unlock the potential of all students, with a special emphasis on accommodating diverse learning needs, abilities, and cultural backgrounds. Through interactive modules, you will learn strategies to foster creativity, coordinate engaging project-based learning, and seamlessly integrate all students, including those from minority backgrounds, into a unified, inclusive learning environment.

Course Methodology

Our course is an immersive, interactive experience, where you'll work in a supportive group setting that emphasizes peer-to-peer learning. You'll be guided by current, relevant theoretical knowledge, which forms the bedrock of the practical strategies you'll acquire. Each module is designed to provide hands-on learning experiences - from delving into real-life examples to crafting your own lesson plans and tasks. You'll have opportunities to exchange ideas, challenge your perspectives, and cultivate a robust set of teaching skills. Coupled with various collaborative and reflective activities, you will be part of a vibrant learning community that promotes growth, self-improvement, and lifelong learning. Enroll now and embark on a transformational journey towards becoming a more effective, innovative, and inclusive educator.


  • Module 01 – Unpacking UDL: Working with the Next-Generation Skills
  • Module 02 – UDL and Inclusive Classrooms: Identifying and Removing Barriers in Learning
  • Module 03 – Engaging All Learners: Multiple Means of Engagement
  • Module 04 – Diverse Paths of Learning: Multiple Means of Representation
  • Module 05 – Empowering Expression: Multiple Means of Action and Expression
  • Module 06 – Assessing with Inclusivity: Diverse Strategies for Assessment
  • Module 07 – UDL and Differentiated Instruction: A Synergistic Approach to Inclusive Learning
  • Module 08 – Tech-Enabled Learning: Role of Technology in UDL
  • Module 09 – Leveraging Blended Learning Strategies for Enhanced UDL Implementation
  • Module 10 – UDL Lesson Planning: From Theory to Practice step-by-step
  • Module 11 – Navigating the Shift to Expert Learning: A UDL Journey
  • Guided City Tour

Learning Outcomes

  • Master techniques for effectively teaching in diverse classrooms. Learn to promote inclusion and active societal participation, aligning with UDL's commitment to creating a barrier-free, inclusive learning environment
  • A comprehensive understanding of UDL principles and their application in the classroom.
  • Skills to curate an inclusive learning environment that caters to diverse learning needs
  • Enhance the application of UDL principles to create engaging, accessible learning experiences for all students.
  • Learn how to leverage ICT to drive modernization changes, aligning with the UDL principle of using multiple means of representation.
  • Cultivate a toolkit of ready-to-use materials and ideas to drive school or organizational development in innovative education, emphasizing a UDL-aligned interdisciplinary and holistic approach.
  • Learn to motivate, guide and effectively assess to reduce low achievement in basic competences, promote peer exchange and active participation within the education.
  • Learn to motivate, guide, and assess students effectively to minimize achievement gaps. Emphasize peer exchange and active participation within the education system, consistent with UDL's principle of multiple means of engagement.
  • Reflect upon and build personal and professional competencies. Gain confidence in promoting innovative pedagogies that are responsive to social and cultural diversity, adhering to the spirit of UDL.
  • Network with educators from diverse nationalities within the EU, engaging in cross-cultural learning experiences, exchanging ideas and building a foundation for future international cooperation within the UDL framework.
  • Gain a broader understanding of educational practices, policies, and systems of different countries. Cultivate mutual respect, intercultural awareness, and embed common educational and training values, all within the UDL perspective.
  • Enrich communication skills, improve foreign language competencies, expand professional vocabulary, and promote the EU’s broad linguistic diversity, aligning with UDL's principle of multiple means of representation and expression.

General Course Information

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After the Course:

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Year 2024


19. 02. - 23. 02. - Confirmed
08. 04. - 12. 04. - Confirmed
15. 07. - 19. 07. - Confirmed
05. 08. - 09. 08. - Confirmed

Year 2025


24. 02. - 28. 02. - Planned
07. 04. - 11. 04. - Planned
14. 07. - 18. 07. - Planned
04. 08. - 08. 08. - Planned

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