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Erasmus+ Course

Course overview

Sustainable living is a lifestyle. That is why, it makes it very difficult and at the same extremely interesting to develop such „skill“ within the school education. We cannot teach sustainability but we can positively influence students` approach to the environment and their consumption choices. This course focuses on innovative methodologies appropriate for developing awareness of the need of reducing the levels of consumption and the mainstream ways of purchasing and using products and goods (such as food, clothes, electronic devices etc.). First, participants will reflect on their own attitudes to sustainability and discuss global issues in the international working groups. They will share examples of good practice they apply in their everyday life. Then, the group will experience a wide variety of teaching methods and techniques from the perspective of students. The main goal of chosen methodologies is to enable our students to become active, reflective, creative and responsible human being - not only in the educational process they are currently going through, but especially in their future adult life.



  1. Introduction, educational goals in the 21st century
  2. Global education
  3. The need of reducing
  4. Project-based learning (on class, school and international level)
  5. Reading and Writing to Critical Thinking (RWCT) methods
  6. Outdoor education
  7. Examples of good practice
  8. Sharing experience among course participants
  9. Final workshop: Designing own project to support sustainable living
  10. Action plan: What am I going to apply in practice and how

Guided City Tour

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course the applicant will be able to:
  • define and identify objectives for Sustainable living as a lifestyle
  • innovative methodologies for developing sustainability awareness
  • learn from examples of good practice
  • determine opportunities and threats for further sustainability development
  • raising responsibility in education processes

General Course Information

Before the course:

You would be required to fill a Questionnaire.
You will receive “ITC Guide Document” where you will find all the necessary information.

After the Course:

Course evaluation form
Course materials in electronic form / Other materials for self-study and dissemination of the techniques. 


Year 2021


19. 04. - 23. 04.
14. 06. - 18. 06.
26. 07. - 30. 07.
30. 08. - 03. 09.
04. 10. - 08. 10.
22. 11. - 26. 11.

Year 2022


17. 01. - 21. 01.
21. 02. - 25. 02.
04. 04. - 08. 04.
09. 05. - 13. 05.
04. 07. - 08. 07.
15. 08. - 19. 08.
03. 10. - 07. 10.
28. 11. - 02. 12.

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